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site survey


Simplay will always require the project details;

• Site or Geo Graphical area

• Drawings / Plan

• Scope of Works


• M50 / Material Specifications

• Pre Site Surveys such as SR1/2

Lead Times

We will process all tender enquiries within 24 to 76 hours (depending of the scale of the Tender). 

Simplay will always strive to work with our clients to provide a competitive rate. We know that its a competitive world out



As part of our appreciation to our new and existing clients, we believe in not just rewarding loyalty but showing this through

further arrangements on projects, quantity and other multiple schemes.

Contact Simplay with your Tender.


When a tender is accepted a pre-site survey will be undertaken if one has not been done already.

A pre-site survey allows Simplay to assess further assessment of the project to ensure there is nothing untoward which could affect the installation.We will always complete the following on our Pre Site Survey

Pre-Site Survey

•   Moisture Survey Invasive and

    Non Invasive.

•   Arrange and Discuss SR2 & 

    floor surveys.

•   Pre meetings with the site and

    Projects Team.

•   Scope of Works

•   Joint Installation Programmes and 


•   Proposal of additional variations

    and sign-offs by authorised client             


•   Pre-Sign Off Agreement

Completing the above will

guarantee all work completed by

Simplay Ltd and ensure yours and

your clients PC satisfaction and

peace of mind.

Once a Pre-Site Survey has been completed, Simplay will encourage site meetings to ensure Scope of Works are carried out in the best interest for everyone including other trades.

Common Sense

Simplay understands and understands floor access is paramount for Trades to

carry out their essential work.

Removing access to premium work areas can prevent and cause other trades from completing works.


From the beginning, in between and the end of any projects, Simplay will always endeavour to communicate with all operatives on site including

other Trades. This is to arrange work around for Simplay to carry out Installations to prevent less disruption to everyone.

Putting this process in place will ensure a smoother transition to your project and our completion schedule.

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